wheel tracking machine
wheel tracking machine
wheel tracking machine
wheel tracking machine
wheel tracking machine
wheel tracking machine
Item No.TPCT-5A
STANDARD: EN 12697-22
Key Features

Wheel tracking machine

  1. It can be used as water immersion test.

  2. It can test 2 specimens at the same time.

  3. Automatic temperature control, automatic generation and save the test results, Convenient call history data, output test result.

  4. Point to point data collection: the position of the upper and lower machine control system to ensure the deformation repetitive gathering space.

  5. High resolution data acquisition, high speed.

  6. Wide temperature range, high precision, good stability,PWM modulation method is adopted to improve the temperature PID control, to ensure that the temperature without overshoot.

  7. Using absolute temperature sensor to collect temperature, test without temperature drift for a long time (to eliminate the general thermocouple temperature sensor working temperature drift for a long time) on the test data.

  8. Air circulation in the oven, high temperature control precision.

  9. Displacement sensor with high precision, under the big range accuracy is less than + / - 0.05 mm.

  10. Equipped with constant temperature box integration structure, easy to move.

  11. Smooth operation, no noisy.

  12. Available computer with touch screen independently control (optional).

  13. Can preheat six test at the same time.

  14. Small volume, covers an area of only 1.52 m × 1.1 m.

  15. This machine is equipped with one piece personal computer with Win-8 English operating system and one piece printer.