Universal Testing machine
Universal Testing machine
Universal Testing machine
Key Features

Universal testing machine

It can be used for the tensile, compression, bend and shear test of various metal material, plastic, concrete, cement and other non-metal material.

Used for a variety of metal materials, tensile, compression,bending and shear tests can also be used as plastic,oncrete, cement and other non-metallic materials,compression tests, increasing simple accessories to complete tape chain, wire rope, welding rod, tile, and avariety of component performance tests. The machine is mounted under the cylinder, a low profile, light weight,especially for construction sector.

The control system:
1. Electronic measuring, liquid crystal display pilot force -time curve, test power, test power peak, with significant yield characteristics of the material yield strength, the experimental data easy and direct;
2. A digital health input sample number, cross-sectional area can be the direct determination of the material tensile strength, yield strength and other mechanical properties;
3. Test results can be printed.