Relative Density Apparatus
Relative Density Apparatus
Relative Density Apparatus
Item No.33-T0063/1
Key Features

Relative Density Apparatus

This apparatus determines relative density of granular soils which do not respond well to Proctor moisture-density tests. Maximum density is determined by placing soil in special molds and densifying using a vibrating table and surcharge. Minimum index density is determined by loose placement in the molds using special pouring funnels, scoop, or shovel, depending on size of soil particles.

Cylindrical Mold Sets for 2.83L and 14.2L capacity have attached carrying handles and guide brackets for the Gauge Set. They come complete with detachable guide sleeve with clamp assembly, surcharge base plate with lift ring, and surcharge weight with lift ring. Mold included with Set is 152mm ID x 305 IH; surcharge weight plus base plate has 25.5 ±0.2kg total weight. Larger mold with Set is 280mm ID x 250 IH with 86.2 ±0.9kg total weight of base plate with surcharge weight.

Packing list:

Controller: 1pcs

Vibrating table: 1pcs

Cylinder mould: dia 280mm

Guide sleeve: dia. 280mm

Cylinder mould: dia. 152mm

Guide sleeve: dia. 152mm

Surcharge base plate:dia.278mm

Surcharge base plate:dia.150mm

Surcharge weight: for dia. 280mm cylinder mould

Surcharge weight: for dia. 152mm cylinder mould