Marsh funnel viscometer
Marsh funnel viscometer
Marsh funnel viscometer
Item No.64-L0056
Key Features

Slurry test kit

The Slurry Test Kit is a portable kit with materials and equipment for measuring slurry properties. With this kit,the user can obtain laboratory-quality measurements of Marsh funnel viscosity, specifi c gravity or density and sand content.
These tests comply with API Recommended Practice for Field Testing Water Based Drilling Fluids, API RP 13B-1


Marsh funnel viscometer

The Marsh funnel viscometer is made of rugged, breakresistant plastic that resists to the

temperature change deformation.
Volumetric accuracy is assured. Plastic handle provides insulation for user’s hands.
A metal orifice assures accurate readings.
The Marsh funnel is used for routine viscosity determinations on almost every drilling rig. Supplied complete with measuring cup 946ml capacity and 2000ml mud cup.

Sieve: 200 mesh
Top dia.: 150 mm
Nozzle length and internal dia.: 50x5 mm
Total length: 355 mm
Weight approx.: 0.5 kg