Curing Cabinet
Curing Cabinet
Curing Cabinet
Item No.TPBY-40B
STANDARD: EN 12390-1, BS1881
Key Features

Curing of Specimen

Both ASTM and EN specifi cations require the specimens to be left in the mould for the fi rst 16 hours up to a maximum of three days, protected against shock, vibration and dehydration at a temperature from 20 ± 5°C or 25 ± 5°C in hot climates (EN method) and 16 to 27°C (ASTM method).After the removal from the moulds the specimens have to be stored in a moist condition at 20 ± 2°C (EN)or 23 ± 1.7°C (ASTM) with a relative humidity  95%.Alternatively they can be cured in water at the same temperature.

Curing cabinet

Use high-power heating tube, it can quickly increase the temperature in the cabinet to setted temperature.Use advanced ultrasonic humidifier, it has automatic constant control humidifi cation for fog, make sure that the humidity in the cabinet 95%.