asphalt content ignition oven
asphalt content ignition oven
asphalt content ignition oven
asphalt content ignition oven
asphalt content ignition oven
Item No.HYRS-6/HWY-15
Key Features

Asphalt Content/Binder ignition oven

with internal automatic balance is an environmentally-friendly and costeffective method for the accurate determination of asphalt content.

It is made of three parts: combustion device (furnace), weight measurement (electronic balance), test control and data processing (microcontroller unit).

At the bottom of the chamber there are four dia. 30mm tube ports. They are for four dia.16mm cast synthetic mica bars attached under a cordierite-mullite tray to get through the chamber, so that the tray can connect with the balance which could monitor the reduction in weight of the sample.

Put the sample plate or basket on the tray for sample placement.

Above the furnace chamber there is fumes assembly chamber where the fume mixes with air before exhausted through the fl ue by the fan.


Chamber Dimensions: 350x440x330 mm( WxDxH)

Electrical ratings: 380V(±10V); amps 20A

Capacity of balance 10kg, division value:0.1g

Operating temperature of Chamber: up to 800oC

Sample capacity: up to 4000g

Recommended weight of sample: 1000~1500g

Test accuracy of asphalt content: 0.1%

Microcontroller Unit: The control panel is installed in front of the equipment. Operator can set the test parameter by pressing the buttons and progress the test. While testing, the monitor displays the real-time test data and parameter.

Automatically the result paper which will be printed out by the printer is

generated by the system after the test.